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UK +44 (0) 203 745 5551
IRE +353 (0) 766 805 551
US +1 (650) 665-5551
SA +27 (0) 87 551 7851

Jan 21

Today I am giving you an insight into a system for Emergency dentist campaigns that we see working very well for a number of practices.

As you know, patients can find it very hard to get treatment outside of normal practice opening times. They find themselves in pain at night, or over the weekend, and the practice they would normally go to is closed.

We all know the pain can be excruciating, and these patients will often search on Google for an out-of-hours dentist that can help them. If they are lucky enough to find a dentist that works out of hours, then the patient will be prepared to travel further to see this dentist, and the patient will be prepared to pay a premium for this special out-of-hours service.

Our clients that offer this service report high patient value, and patients that come back again and again.

As you can see from the Google Adwords screenshot below, one client recently received 19 phone calls from people looking for an emergency dentist over the last 7 days.

So how do you create a successful emergency dentist campaign?

The first step is to target the right searches in your Google Adwords campaign.

These will be keywords like:

emergency dentist

dentist 24


tooth pain

wisdom tooth pain

broken tooth

The next step is to create an ad that makes it clear you offer out-of-hours services, has your telephone number, and also mentions the times that you are available.

You also need to target a wide area, perhaps 10-20 miles around your practice. You can do this in the geographic targeting within Adwords.

It is also important to ensure the ad are only shown to people that actually live in the area. You can do this by selecting "People in my targeted location" from the 'Location options (advanced). Here is where you can find the setting.

When you create the campaign it is very important to use a Call Ad Extension. This will show your telephone number with the ad itself, so that people on a mobile phone can click-to-call. Here is where you can find the setting.

Lastly, the emergency dentist campaign should only be running at certain times of day. You need to set the times in the Ad Schedule within Settings.

Here is a folder with downloads (Google Adwords keywords and Google ads) that you can use to make your own Google Adwords Emergency Dentist campaign.


UK +44 (0) 203 745 5551
IRE +353 (0) 766 805 551
US +1 (650) 665-5551
SA +27 (0) 87 551 7851

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