Landing Pages 101 for Dentists – Secrets to Getting New Patients

By Loran Simon | Landing Pages

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UK +44 (0) 203 745 5551
IRE +353 (0) 766 805 551
US +1 (650) 665-5551
SA +27 (0) 87 551 7851

Oct 19

adobestock_73404980Your name, your email address. Have you ever typed them into a box online?

Of course you have! We all do it. We RSVP. We sign up. We accept the free offer.

If so, you’ve been on a landing page. A landing page is a web page that exists solely to collect your contact information – and to offer you something FREE. It’s a way to push you another step toward “conversion” – a sale.

If you’re a dentist, a landing page is a golden opportunity to acquire new patients.

Landing pages are a staple in our toolbox here at Somnowell Marketing. We’ve revised our template landing pages multiple times to increase their effectiveness. We’ve got an entire portfolio of landing page templates – each geared toward a specific dental treatment.

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say your prospective patient has received an email from you about Invisalign. That email will contain a link “for more information.”

With that click, the patient “lands” on a web page that provides more information. It also has, quite prominently, a box with a “form” – asking for name and email address.

And it offers an opportunity for a FREE consultation.

These landing pages follow a specific formula that has been tested multiple times. The landing page is one key to getting more appointments for your dental practice.

Let’s look at the components of a Somnowell landing page.

SomnowellLanding Pages 101

The headline ‘Do You Need Implants?’ is short and direct.

The entire page is built around the keyword “implants.”

The subhead is packed with intriguingbenefits about these implants. We always emphasize the benefits to the prospective patient. We want them excited at the potential for this treatment.

Do You Need Implants?

Introducing a new type of dental implant – less invasive, with no stitches!

Then we have “banners” to highlight special selling points:

Cosmetic dentist for winner of Miss UK Sarah Archer!

Here’s the all-important “contact form” –in the upper right corner:

Get More Information & Free Consultation

FREE PDF (3 ways dental implants can change your life)

  • A full smile analysis using our smile makeover software
  • A detailed treatment plan for the best price
  • Discuss finance options
  • Name, email, phone
  • YES! I want a FREE consultation.

The contact form is short and sweet. Notice how the bullet points offer just enough to entice? That’s the key to this entire landing page. Get their contact information. Get them to sign up for a FREE consultation.

But at Somnowell, we don’t stop there. In the middle of the page, we start selling the service:

ImplantPilotTM, a new type of implant procedure

  • Greater patient comfort, no gum cutting and no stitches!
  • Improved accuracy, with latest digital technology and virtual implant placement planning.
  • Natural-looking teeth, long-lasting results – and far more convenient than bridges. No more tooth gaps to worry about!

Dr. Michael Frankl and his staff are proud to introduce ImplantPilotTM, a revolutionary implant technology – safe, reliable, and highly accurate.

A testimonial offers what we call “social proof” – evidence that real people like this dentist.

“I had an implant placed by Dr Sharon, the implant specialist a few months ago. The procedure was pain free and non traumatic.”

More banner headlines accentuate the sales points:

LIMITED TIME OFFER! From only £10 per week!

Winning Smile!

Dr. Frankl is cosmetic dentist for the winner of Miss UK, Sarah Archer. We can give you a winning smile, too!

The lower one-third of the page is devoted to the benefits of this particular dental treatment. We stack 6 “blocks” –6 headlines, each with a photo and small amount of text. Benefits, benefits, benefits. We want our prospective patient to see, clearly, exactly why they should want this great dental treatment.

Avoid Unsightly Missing Teeth

Enjoy Life More

Lasts a Lifetime

Look and Feel Like Natural Teeth

A Smile You’re Proud Of

We might show before and after pictures – very visible proof of excellent results

Then, the final “Call to Action” – the action we want the prospective patient to take:

Call Now

That’s a very brief tutorial on landing pages. They are a tried-and-true element of any successful marketing plan.

With marketing elements like landing pages, dentists get more patients, more foot traffic through the door. Once the landing pages are set up for every treatment you provide, it’s automatic. The system runs itself, at very low cost.

It’s been exciting to see our dentist clients grow their practices using the landing page templates that we provide – and customise for each practice.

If you would like to see the “real” landing page I just described.

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