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UK +44 (0) 203 745 5551
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US +1 (650) 665-5551
SA +27 (0) 87 551 7851

Oct 19

E-Mail Nachricht Message senden Button drücken auf Computer Tastatur mit Brief SymbolYou’ve started a blog.Then came social media – Facebook, Google+, Twitter.

Autoresponders. You had never even heard the term before. But you signed up, and you sent them.

There’s another step in smart dental marketing. It’s called Lead Nurturing.

The fact is, only a fraction — 25% of your leads — are ready to sit in your chair, according to the marketing gurus at Hubspot.

A huge number — 50% of your leads – are thinking about dental implants, or cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, dentures.

With a Lead Nurturing email package, you could generate a 8% click-through rate. Regular e-mail marketing typically gets just 3%.

In your world, “Click-through” = dental appointments. You’ve got a good chance that 8% of your mailing list will call you – based on your Lead Nurturing emails.

What is a Lead Nurturing Email Series?

This is a series of emails – four in total, typically – sent to a target group on your email list.

Specific factors in your Lead Nurturing email formula will move your prospective patients toward making that phone call. Let’s take a look at the key factors of Lead Nurturing emails:

Emails Must Educate

Let’s say people on your list have teenage kids – kids with crooked teeth. The parents have good jobs. Or maybe they are single people who want a great smile for the dating/business scene. They can afford braces. But like anyone, they want to use their money wisely. They like to be informed consumers. They want to know what’s involved before they make the jump.

That’s where an effective Lead Nurturing campaign is most useful. In a very concise message, the campaign can educate your prospective patient on all aspects of getting braces.

The Magic of 4 Emails

First email: We’ll focus on the benefits of getting braces. They will feel more confident with straighter teeth. They will make a much better impression on people. Those factors appeal to the emotions. Everyone wants to look better and feel more confident. But there are other benefits – like better dental hygiene, as teeth are easier to keep clean, so you avoid costly dental bills in the future.

Second: We’ll explain what’s involved in getting braces. What is the treatment like? They will learn about nearly invisible braces. No more metal wires! No more embarrassment! And faster results with today’s technology! Just a few office appointments are involved.

Third: Let’s address the cost of braces. This is where we explain the value of having straight teeth. Your prospective patient will look so much better, have much greater confidence. If they’re young, there are many years to benefit. Even if they’re older, it never too late to enjoy a great smile!

Perhaps you’ll offer 0% financing to sweeten the deal. And, a FREE no-obligation consultation. What do they have to lose?

Fourth email: Where can they get this great deal? At your dental practice, certainly. You have decades of experience, and use the highest quality materials and techniques. You’ve got rave reviews from your patients – testimonials on your website. Again, there’s that FREE no-obligation offer for a consultation.

Every few weeks, these “prospects” receive one in this series of emails that answers their lingering questions. They click on a link offering a special report full of answers.

Every question has been satisfied. At that point, you’ll get a call at your practice. Time to set up that appointment.

More Reasons Why These Emails Work

You can fulfill their dreams. Dentists are lucky. They have a solid built-in benefit to their services – a benefit that satisfies a deep need that virtually everyone feels.

You make people look better. You give them great smiles. You give them opportunities for a better life. Because of your work, they will get more dates, more job offers, marry, have a family, get their dreams fulfilled. All because you have given them hope, and satisfied their dreams for that winning smile.

My friends, that is golden in marketing. When you convince your prospective patients that their best interests are at heart, you’ve won their trust. They will be your new patients.

You’re building on interest they’ve shown before. You’ve got a list that fits your demographic – your location, age range, family status. They have received emails from you in the past. Your name is known. With a Lead Nurturing email, you are “re-engaging” with these people. You’re educating them on solutions to problems they likely have. You’re providing answers to questions, and opening the door to discussion. You’re back on their radar.

You can get personal. Because you’re a dentist — and you’re talking about their dental health issues — you can personalize your message. You understand the mindset of someone with a missing tooth or crooked teeth. You know they’re embarrassed. They will be relieved to hear from a dentist who acknowledges the emotional aspects of having these dental problems.

Emotions are the key to sales, or in your case, appointments. Emotions make a person pick up the phone, and make the call to come in. While the intellect will analyze the case you’ve presented for getting braces for their child, emotions will push a parent to take action. They want that child to have confidence. They want the best for that child.

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