Why do dentists need autoresponders to survive?

By Loran Simon | Emails

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UK +44 (0) 203 745 5551
IRE +353 (0) 766 805 551
US +1 (650) 665-5551
SA +27 (0) 87 551 7851

Oct 19

When new patients are your bread and butter, you’ve got to be in the sales/marketing business – not just dentistry. It’s a hat you might not love, but it’s critical to your survival.

In our e-world, email marketing is a critical component.

In the marketing biz, a series of emails helps to create a connection with your prospective patient. They sign up to “subscribe” to your email list – and presto, you’ve got a following.

Maybe they signed up FOR MORE INFORMATION about Dental Implants, or Dentures, or Braces.

You’ve got to respond quickly, and get them the information they requested. Or they will move on to another dentist down the road. You’ve lost them that fast.

You can send all 50 or 100 or 1,000 people a separate email, if you’ve got the time. Just kidding. Who could or would do that?

Best to put the whole thing on autopilot — which is called an “autoresponder” in marketing lingo. Emails are sent automatically when an enquiry comes in. Right away, the person receives the perfect email in their inbox.

Structure of an autoresponder email

Here’s the structure we’ve found works best with these sorts of introductory emails. An example:

The subject line: Your Requested Information

The sender:  West London Dental Clinic

Your practice’s name will be in their inbox – golden!

The rest of the message:


I’m Dr. Alex Trefoil. As requested, here is information on dental implants.

That’s how you address this sort of autoresponder. You’re courteous, you introduce yourself. And you immediately tell them why you’re writing – because they asked you to!

You start by engaging them, showing that you understand their needs. You want them to nod their heads, seeing that you “get them.” You realize that every patient is unique with unique needs. You assure them that you will do right by them – give them the best dental care, and deliver the best results. Then you give them your number to call – just in case they are short on time (or impatient) and want to cut to the chase.

Here’s how we like to word this section:

Everyone has different needs when it comes to oral health, which is why we take time to understand each patient’s unique circumstances. Some need a crown or bridge. Another might need veneers – or a simple teeth whitening.

We will give you an examination, and find the simplest, safest and most effective treatment to restore your teeth and gums. We want to give you a great smile that makes you proud.

Use the link / the telephone number below to schedule a no-obligation consultation today.

[Link 2] / [Telephone Number]

The body of the email:

If your reader hasn’t already called you, we will do a bit more sales writing for the next section of the email. Again, we’re tuning into their unique needs – and we start to promote the dental services.

Notice that we use “you” a lot in writing these letters. That helps readers relate better to the message. If there’s too much “I” and “we” we’re not relating to the patient enough. They will be turned off.

So in this section, we’re doing the promotion – but phrasing it in terms of benefits to the patient. The goal with this section is to show how your services benefit them.

We see people from all walks of life in our practice, and they come in with all sorts of needs. Even if you haven’t seen a dentist in many years, we can help you get the great smile you’ve always wanted.

Why do patients like you appreciate our services? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Nicer smile enhances your appearance, so you’ve got greater self-esteem.
  • Whitening gives you brighter teeth, which will give you more confidence.
  • New, fully customized veneers and bonding improves the appearance of teeth, especially stained, chipped and damaged teeth.
  • Properly fitted crowns can surprisingly reduce jaw pain and tooth pain – plus enhance the effects of flossing and brushing.
  • New, fully customized bridges are created for comfort, yet look as natural as your original teeth.
  • Dental implants match your natural teeth, so you can enjoy food and conversation without having to worry about gaps in your teeth.
  • New, customized dentures are created for comfortable wear and natural appearance, similar to your original teeth.

And so much more.

That’s quite a list, isn’t it? We dig for every benefit we can think of, to emphasize just how valuable our services are to the reader. We emphasize personal benefits, like increased confidence and self-esteem – because those are very real to the patients. Emotional reasons are typically far more effective than technical reasons like “latest technology” or “durable materials.”

People spend money on intangible emotions they connect with a product or service – how it makes them feel about their lives and themselves. All the techie reasons in the world won’t get them making the appointment – unless the heart is convinced it’s worthwhile.

The closing

Technology and materials ARE important in dentistry services. So we do mention – in a quick paragraph toward the email’s end.

We use the latest dental technology and techniques. Our facilities meet the highest quality standards, and our team has many years experience in treating every type of dental problem – and creating great smiles.

Then a quick line about the cost, and a quick exit.

We will customise the price point and contact information for each dentist.

[“Prices start from just {(Price symbol)insert price}.”] [Link 2] / [Telephone Number]

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Dr. John Smith

[Add Practice name and address here]

But wait, there’s more…

Can’t let them go unless we make another plug for their business. If they aren’t convinced yet, we give it a third try. We stress the danger of delaying too long.

We also counsel dentists to offer the FREE no-obligation consultation.

When prospective patients see that you’re giving away something valuable – your precious time – they will want to return the favor. They will become a paying patient.

Here’s how it reads:

P.S. When dental problems aren’t treated, the result can be greater damage. Many people don’t come to see us until it is too late.

The sooner you come to see us the better. Book a no-obligation consultation today.

[Link 2] / [Telephone Number]

That’s the entire email

It’s just 400 or so words in length. That’s just the right length, according to marketing industry standards.

And for independent dentists like you, these simple automatic “autoresponder” emails work. They draw a response. Dentists get more patients, more foot traffic through the door, when they commit to a system like this. It requires no effort on the dentist’s part – and is very, very inexpensive to set up. Once set up, the system runs itself.

We love seeing the results for our dentistry clients. It’s so rewarding to help these dedicated professionals, like you, grow their practices. They deserve it.

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